• Entrepreneurship Workshop

    Start your startup in 3 days

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This workshop is for those who are looking for building their career in Entrepreneurship or want to start his/her own company but have no background or idea of starting a company.

If you already have an idea and team to build, we will help you to start within three days through this workshop.

This workshop is for…

  • College graduates
  • Fresh graduates
  • Anyone who has no management background.

Workshop Outline…

  • The Reason of starting a company.
  • Planning
  • Budget Estimation.
  • Company registration process.
  • Product / Service planning and designing.
  • Business Planning.
  • Return on Investment. (ROI)
  • Building Team.
  • Elevator Pitch.
  • Launching Product.
  • Marketing and Sales.

You will learn from this workshop…

This workshop is very practical oriented (No bookish). Therefore, you will learn what exactly to do and how to do it. If you have an idea to build and a team, through this workshop you can start your company along with the workshop. 

Coming Soon…

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