If you seek for tips how to get the job and/or face the interview you will get a lot of different advice from different people. Some of that advice might not work for everyone. Not because they are inappropriate for a job interview but they are not suitable for every kind of job.

In this article, I am going to give you 11 common tips which you must follow regardless of job profile and stream.

1. Resume

I have seen long resumes, which no one like to read, especially if you are fresher.

  • Keep your resume short which should not be more than one or two pages long.
  • Keep readable font (commonly used Arial). No fancy font.
  • Font size should be 11 or 12. Heading should not be bigger than 14-16.
  • You can get proper professional resume format from the net.
  • Put your complete contact details, that should include phone no., email Id, and address. If you have the personal website and LinkedIn profile then mention that also.
  • No personal photograph.
  • If your resume is colourful then there should not be more than 2-3 colours, that should include black as the main colour.
  • Always carry the hard copy of your resume. Offer to the interviewer, if they don’t have the hardcopy.

2. Virtual Resume

Create a LinkedIn profile. Some people create their personal website. But it’s not needed unless you don’t belong to an artistic or similar profession, where you need to display your work as the portfolio. Otherwise, the Linkedin profile is enough.
Don’t forget to put your personal professional photograph (Not the passport kind of photo). You can take the help of your friend, photoshop or any professional photographer (if you can afford them).
Keep the title which defines your profession. (Eg. for freshers: Electronics Engineer with Digital circuit designing skills).
Summarise your work, experience, passion towards profession or kind of job you are looking for and what you believe in.

3. Video Resume

There is a new trend of videos resume, in which you have to pitch yourself in 30 seconds to 1 min at max. Basically, you have to sell yourself by giving the overview about your skill, experience, passion, interests in less than a minute and most important “Why me?”. This you can upload to youtube or Dailymotion, etc. and share the link along with your resume, when you e-mail to any company. Though it’s not necessary but it can add value. Note, if you are not confident in the front of the camera then don’t do this.

4. Your Name is your Brand

Brand doesn’t only define product but also a person. Use your name as a logo on your business card or on the website if you have.

5. Carry your Portfolio

Always carry your portfolio in a pen drive, always keep handy for demonstration, not only an artist but even an engineer can have a portfolio of their projects, in the term of computer programs, video recorded of a demo, pictures, diagrams, etc.

6. Carry Stationary

Always carry your personal stationary, while going for an interview. Which includes blank papers, a pencil, a pen, a sharpener, an eraser, a small stapler, gum/glue and few passport size colour photograph of your own, inside a folder.

7. Certificates and degree.

If you are a fresher, then always carry your original set of degree, mark sheets, and certificates, along with two sets of photocopies of each, arrange them in proper sequence.

8. Reply Quickly

You should always quick reply to the emails and calls. If you have a smartphone then configure the e-mail id, which you have mentioned in your resume.

9. Email: Short and to the point.

Nobody likes to read long emails and professionals don’t have time to read your long e-mail, where they have 100 other important emails to reply. Therefore, always keep your e-mail short, not more than 3- 5 lines and to the point.

10. Professional Attitude

No one like to work with person who doesn’t have a professional attitude. Therefore, you need to understand the professional attitude and carry within you when it comes to professional work. Few points are as follows.

  • Always reach before or on time for any appointment.
  • Always reply to an e-mail. If there is nothing to send in reply, send a nice thanks e-mails.
  • Always attend the call. If you missed any, call them back.
  • Always be polite while talking to others.
  • If you commit to anyone for anything, do it, doesn’t matter what happen.
  • If you don’t like the offer or don’t want to join the company, send them a gentle e-mail or inform them on call personally.

11. Dress formal or Business suit

Always dress formal or be in business dress code. That means at least wear formal pant or trouser, a formal shirt, nice polished shoe matching with the dress.
For ladies, wear a business suit or saree or elegant salwar suit with a suitable matching artery with matching footwear. No heavy jewellery or ornaments.
The whole point is you should look decent, elegant and presentable.

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