You all might have heard about the time management and its benefits. Basically, the time management is to organize the time in such a way that a person can make most of the output in a day and become efficient. 

This topic is generally learned by the busy professionals. There are principles, quadrant, and steps which you can learn from different time management books available in the market.  But in this article, you are going to learn some basic steps which can help organizing your day.

Step 1: Make to-do List

Before you go to your bed, list out all tasks which you want to finish the next day. Make a to-do list. The items of the list can be anything. Your tuitions, any game coaching, music classes, electricity bill, taking the dog for a walk, helping your siblings in their studies, cleaning your room, etc.

Step 2: Sort out the list.

Divide the to-do list, in the two categories.

  1. Repetitive Activity:   Under this category, keep all your tasks which you have to do daily, regardless of anything. For example, brushing teeth, bathing, taking your dog for the walk, helping your mother in the kitchen at dinner time, sleep, etc. Such kind of activities is the part of your routine as a daily responsibility or a habit, which you cannot avoid.
  2. Important Activity:  Under this category, keep the tasks which are very important to do. For example, deposit the electricity bill, tuitions, finishing the college assignment, making notes, cricket match, etc. Such kind of activities are may not be the part of your daily routine but it may affect your upcoming days or future.
Step 3: Don’t over do.

Your important activity task list should not have more than 2-3 tasks. The reason behind this is, if you keep more items in the list then your day will look like hectic.  And if in case, you failed to complete the task in a row, you may start getting demoralized to follow this.

Step 4: Assign the time.

This is the key to time management. Now you have created the list, it’s time to assign the time to each task in the list. There are two ways you can/should assign the time to the list. One is, assigning the time at which you want to start your work. For example, you go for your music classes at 6 PM.

Second, you must assign the duration to each task. That means, how much time you want to spend on that particular task. For example,  music classes for 1 hour.  Take a look at a typical task list, a student can have.

Step 5: Make a rule.

You must make a rule or do a promise to yourself, “Doesn’t matter what, unless I  finish the tasks in Important activity list, I won’t sleep”.  This will make the habit which will be very useful once you finish your graduation. One more benefit of this rule is, it will help in increasing your willpower to accomplish the commitment you have made to yourself. This is very useful in the long run of your life.

It’s a habit, not a drill.

If you think you can learn and implement this in one day, that’s not possible. Time management is a habit, which can become the part of your life only when you do it daily without failing like brushing your teeth or bathing daily.

How to make the time management as a habit?

  1. Initially, you can start by Step 1, 2 and 4 every night without failing for next one week, doesn’t matter whether you accomplish the tasks the next day or not.
  2. The Second week go to next level by concentrating on the Repetitive Activity List. That means, the duration you assigned to the task, try to finish that task within that duration Make a Use of stop work in your mobile phone. Try to finish all task in the RA List.
  3. From the third week, include the Important Activity List along with Step 3. It’s ok if you are unable to finish all the task in the Important Activity List or you are taking time more than you assigned to a particular task.
  4. From the Fourth week, include the Step 5 also in your routine.  

If you have finished the fourth week successfully then you have learned that habit of time management. Congratulation!!.

Don’t forget to strike out the tasks you have finished. In the end of the day, it feels good when you see your day achievements.

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