Since my childhood, I am listening from the people around me saying that  “There is so much competition, you have to work hard” or “There are cut throat competition, work hand, otherwise…” and I am sure many of us might have heard the same.

The moment you hear this, you start thinking “OMG!!! If I won’t work hard, then…”,  “what if I fail, …”, “what if I don’t make it …”. Regardless of whether you are the student preparing for the exam or the job interview, the feeling of pressure runs through your mind and body. And the effect of this results to either you start working very hard like the donkey or get depressed. Correct?

My question here is, is there really a competition?

Let’s understand it by taking an example of the college student. Generally, a college student dreams about a good job and handsome salary after his/her graduation. When campus placement takes place, there are other batchmates in line to get the same job for which you are preparing. Let’s say in your batch there 100 fellow students, and assume that all of them get the chance to attend the interview, regardless of their percentage/CGPA.  Looks like there are 100 competitors in the completion. If the company would have declared cut off by keeping filter of the percentage/CGPA and the completions may drop to 50-60, right?

Now imagine yourself in this scenario, assume that you fall in the top 10 position among 100 students. What are the chances that you will get the job among hundred and why? Think.

If you think your chance of getting the job is more than other 90 students who ranked below you just because you have a good score that brought you in the top 10 list, then you may be wrong. When it comes to the job interview, the way a company looks at fresher is quite different, from the way teacher looks the student in the campus.

My point is here, percentage/CGPA might make you eligible to attend the interview, but to clear that, you need the something else. The very basic concepts of the subject to which the job profile relates.

Now think, how many of your 100 fellow batchmates have good concepts required to answer all questions of the interview? Hardly 1,2 or 4!!. Now, who are your actual competitor? These 4 students, who really know concepts or those 96 who are there just to attempt the interview and/or who relying on the luck to get the job?

We all are actually programmed to follow the crowd since our childhood. Therefore, wherever we see the crowd for anything, we see the competitions. Where the fact is, there is the large part of the crowd is just to attempt the chance, not to win.

Steps to beat the competition

Follow the following steps:

  1. Forget about the crowd: The crowd brings fear in you if you are not ready to face the challenge. The best solution is to ignore them as if they don’t even exist.
  2. Find out the expectations: When you are there for some interview, find out what your company expect or looking for? And get prepared according to their expectation.
  3. Concentrate on yourself: Ask one question to yourself every time, Do you know it all? If the answer is NO, then look for what is left and get prepared. You have to make an effort to bring out your best. Everything else is irrelevant.

One of my friends was preparing for the IIT-JEE got selected, not because he was very intelligent, but he was having one attitude while preparing for the competitive exams. He used to look for the question which he can’t solve and if he fails in solving, he go through the concepts and learn the methods/tricks to solve it. Then again he looks for questions which he can’t solve. If you carry this attitude, one day you will become the master.

Remember, you have only one competitor to compete with, that is YOU.

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