Let’s look at the most common scenario, we all might have experienced or noticed around us.

Mr. A: How much your son scored?
Mr. B: 80%
Mr. A: My son scored 92%
Mr. C: Your son must be more intelligent than Mr. B’s son.

Oh really !!! Mr. A’s son is intelligent because he scored 92% or Mr. A’s son is more intelligent just because he scored more than Mr. B’s Son? What if in next exam, Mr. B’s son scored 92% more than Mr’s A’s son who scores 80%? Will Mr. B’s son become more intelligent than Mr. A’s son?

Here, this scenario shows that how two kid’s intelligence has been compared on the basis of their percentage. That’s the very common practice, we see around us. Not only in the family or in society, but in big companies.

Is the right way to get the estimation of the intelligence of any person or student on the basis of their percentage they scored? If not, then what actually percentage tells about the person?

Let’s inspect the following scenario, to understand this.

Here are two student’s marks
Subject             SA                 SB
Maths              100               48
Physics               95               52
Chemistry        92               45
English               42               80
Computer        45               95
Total Score      374           320
%      74.8          64

Now if we compare the two student’s percentage only, then we can easily say that student SA is more intelligent than SB. But if we dig down the marks of two students, we can see two different minds. SA scored in maths, physics and chemistry show, he has a good mathematical mind, along with a good memory to remember the exceptions of chemistry and his brain can understand and implement the science concepts very well. Whereas SB is opposite, he as good logical mind and have a good grip on the language.

This shows that one person is mathematically intelligent while the other is logical intelligent. This is one way of looking the intelligence.

But unfortunately, the way education system is working these days, no one can predict the intelligence by looking at their marks or certifications. To explain this, let me tell you a story. A few years back, one of my friends did the Sun Java certification, which is one of the reputed certifications in Java programming language in IT industry. He somehow scored very well. But when he went for an interview, he got rejected by three companies. As he was unable to write a proper Java program. What is the use of the certification if you unable to do the work for which you got certified?

What is intelligence?

The ability to implement the knowledge in the practical scenario for which you are not trained or the ability to use the basic information to do the work or task by manipulating the information. There other ways to define intelligence.

If we follow the definition, then you can say that even in the exam, we use our knowledge to solve the problem. Partially agree, but your mind has been trained to solve such problem by practicing N number of similar problems.

Our education system has become such percentage oriented that a student’s mind is been trained to score the marks only. They don’t even bother to acquire the knowledge from what they are studying. I have met such students who had scored 85-90 marks in a subject but they not even able to explain, what’s aim of the subject?

Different face of intelligence

The person who is good in studies and scored well in his/her school or college doesn’t mean he/she is intelligent or will do well in his career. There are different faces of intelligence which leads to different streams.

  • A person who is intelligence in music can be a music composer, disc jockey, etc.
  • Intelligence in drawing and painting can be a cartoonist, animator, graphic designer, etc.
  • A Person who is intelligent in learning language can be the translator.
  • A Fighting intelligent person can be a martial artist, army, etc.
  • Solving mystery can be the detective.
  • Selling skills leads to a salesman.
  • Good at telling stories can be story writer or marketer.
  • And so on …

Do you think to make a career in any of the above fields you need a good academic score?

If academic score defines intelligence, then Mozart would never have become the music genius, Picasa would never have drawn the famous masterpiece painting, Thomas Edison would never have able to invent the electric bulb, Albert Einstein who was considered as third grade engineer was never able to give us The Relativity Theory, and list goes on.

Therefore, STOP judging everyone’s intelligence by their academic scores. If someone is not good in studies doesn’t mean he is not intelligent. Every person is intelligent in some or the other way. All you need to do is, find out areas of interest.

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