Are you a recent college graduate and planning to move to the Silicon Valley of India i.e. Bangalore, for the job hunt then this blog can act as a guide for you.

Where to Stay?

If you have any friends, family or relative already in Bangalore, then you need not think much about it. But if you are coming alone then do as follows.

  • Find the PG: There are a lot many PG for boys and girls. Try to get in touch with anyone who is already in Bangalore, through a social networking site, who can give you few contacts of PG.
  • There are some websites from where you can find the PGs contact nos. It will be better if you book your PG in advance. If in any case, you don’t like PG then you can shift after a month to another PG.
  • A PG can cost starting from 5k (including/excluding food). Luxury PGs can cost you from 7K to 12k including food. Most of the PGs take one month rent in advance and have to give a one month notice period before you leave.
  • If you are looking for the single room, then it can cost you from 6k to 8k depends upon the area or locality. Sometimes it’s difficult to find out single rooms. If you go to the broker then he will charge you one month rent as his brokerage.
  • Another option is to find out the house / flat where a couple of friends sharing it. You need to search “vacancy for roommate”. In this case (both for boys and girls), if one roommate left, the new roommate would take his/her vacant place. The general rule in such a case is, you need to share the rent and deposit. When you leave the house/ flat you deposit will be return back to you.   
  • The most common locality where you can find the freshers are, BTM Layout 1st and 2nd stage, Silkboard, Hosur road area, Koramangala, Marathalli and area around these localities.

Suggestion: Stay with those who are freshers like you and looking job in the same stream in which you are interested.

Build the network

Networking is the most powerful way to get the information about the job vacancies and walk-ins. By this, you can get the kind of information which you can’t find on any of the job portals. Therefore, as soon as you reach Bangalore, start building your network by sharing your numbers rather than email ids with people who are hunting job like you. This system work on the mutual sharing where you need to share the job opening and walk-ins information to others as soon as you received from one, like broadcast on SMS, What’s app, etc. If you share with them they will share with you in return.

Online Job hunting

I am sure you will upload or already uploaded your job profile on one or more job portal. But unfortunately, this may not be very useful, as most of the companies look for a popular job portal, only when they need experienced people.

But for fresher, the right place are Facebook job groups, job forums, Linkedin, Google groups or any other only job groups on social networking or public forums. Here, you can find the information about walk-ins and other job openings.

Request to forward your resume

Don’t hesitate to ask anyone to forward your resume to their company. Take their email id or their company’s HR email id and mail them a soft copy of your resume. Request them to forward your resume among their friend circle who are working in other companies. Don’t bug them by emailing or calling every now and then.

Decide, what kind of job you are looking for?

Maximum freshers come to Bangalore to get a job in any of the big IT company. They blindly follow the crowd. In the end, either the get frustrated/depressed or return back to their hometown.

Before you start job hunting, ask the following questions to yourself.

  • Do you really want to work in the IT sector?
  • What kind of job you are looking for? Don’t just say any IT job. Define specifically. Programming, testing, etc.
  • Are you really interested or excited about the profile, you are looking for?
  • Do you have skill sets for the profile?

Some of you might realize that you actually don’t want to do the kind of work, what you are looking for. You just follow the crowd. I have seen people who are not interested in programming languages or skill set to write a simple program and they hunt the job profile of core developer, just because they will get good salary than any other profile. And they get depressed when they fail.

Prepare for Interview.

Aptitude, logical reason and puzzles are the most common test taken by most of the companies from freshers. The second most common test is the C / C++ programming language, either in written or interview. Doesn’t matter what stream you are from, if you are looking job in IT, you must know the basics of C / C++ and able to write the program. Knowledge of other programming languages will be a plus point. But if you are saying you know it, you must ready to prove of them that you know it.

You can find the most common interview question bank on the internet. Go through all possible question you find on the internet, that includes HR interview question.

Take extra coaching/training

If you think you need to take extra coaching/training like personality development, communication skills, programming language or any kind of certification, then you must go ahead. There are many institutes in Bangalore which gives training in these fields. You can learn even addition skills like learning any foreign language, which could be an add-on to your resume.

Key to any job search

The most important key to any job search is patience and trying. You need to have patience and keep trying. Some freshers get the job within a week or two, where some freshers take time as long as one year or more. But you will get the job eventually. So don’t give up.

Please post your queries in the Forum, will try to respond to all your queries.

All The Best

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