1. Will have good college placements

Mostly, students select a college for studies on the basis of college placement percentage. Those students generally hope for good college campus placement during the college phase. They so much depend on college placement cell, that their dreams get shattered when that does not happen at the end of their studies. Students feel lost and frustrated because of lack of clarity and plan after studies.

Getting college campus placement should be taken as the bonus from the college and one should not completely dependent on them. Students should start preparing from the day one for "what if I don't get placed".

2. I have scored high percentage, therefore any company will hire me.

This myth is mostly you can notice among the people who are having their high percentage/CGPA in their batch/college/university.

But the reality is that the percentage acts like a key to enter into a company for the interview. Generally, companies shortlist freshers on the basis of the percentage. They consider freshers all at same the level, therefore, the only way to shortlist them among the thousand of applications they received.

For some interviewers, a good percentage/CGPA means intelligence. This thought may give you some advantage. But in my ten years of experience in industry, I have never come across a single fresher candidate who has very good percentage/CGPA with excellent IQ/knowledge/logic. In fact, I have found and selected average percentage/CGPA fresh candidates over topers. So, remember the level of your smartness and not equal to the grade/percentage you have earned.

Good percentage/CGPA is important but do not guarantee that you will get the job.

3. My starting salary package will be in a six-seven figure.

Everyone expect for a handsome package from his/her first job. But the reality is not same with everyone Getting the first job is itself a challenge outside the campus.
Many freshers join companies on the salary of 5K to 10K INR per month at max. Some companies hire freshers for internship and they don't even pay for next 3-6 months. There are some companies, who asks you to take courses during the training period and the reimbursement is done only for those who clear their interviews.

4. My company office will have classy ambiance and/or will get my own personal cabin.

Everyone are not so lucky who get the environment or ambiance as good as companies like Infosys, Intel, AMD, Accenture, etc. In some companies, you may not even get the basic facilities. Some small companies run in very small places, where they provide workstation and water to drink, which may give you feel like either you are working in school/college type small computer lab or at home. There you might not even find proper washroom also.

But to our surprise, there are people working in such small office and working dedicatedly for more than 2-4 years.

5. I will get all respect and honor like an officer.

Many college students have this attitude or thought, as I am studying in reputed college and studying for the respective degree, that means when I will have the job, will become a respective personality.

My dear friends, respect is not tag which comes with the designation or job. You have to earn it. I have seen many people who are at higher designation but nobody respects them in the organization, due to their wrong attitude or behavior wrt others. Where on the other side, few who have earned so much respect in the market that other organizations respect them and want them to work for their organizations.

Therefore, work on your behavior and learn how to treat people around you.

6. Everyone respect me and gives me the value in society after getting a good job.

As I said above, doesn't matter whether you are in company or in society, your attitude and behavior define you.

7. Getting a job is everything.

When I asked many students, what is your aim of life? The majority of them answered, "Getting a Job". Some people talk like once they get a job, then life is set. Getting the first job is the first step of life. The actual life you face after you get the job.

So be prepared for life after getting your first job.

8. After becoming an officer I have to drink and/or smoke, to match officer grade.

I don't understand whether its influence from the movies or people around students, who leaves a wrong impression of, "if you are in officer grade you should drink or smoke to get socialize. It's a status symbol."

The fact is, there is no need to drink or smoke to become or after becoming an officer or to get socialize. There are people who are directors and CXO of million dollar companies, who never drink or smoke. The majority of people in society, who don't like the people very much who drink or smoke. For you additional information, girls rejected guys for marriages, if they find the person drinks or smoke during the match making and vise verse.

Just ask one question from yourself, before you decide to drink/smoke "Am I ready to compromise my health over the status symbol or just to impress others? "

10. As I am not doing good in good in college, I won't able to do anything good in life.

I have seen my fellow batchmates, friends, and colleague who are doing very good in their life and career, who were average in studies.

"It's not about how you start your career, it's about how your actions you take to make your career"

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