The Career Formula

A System that Builds Your Career

Are you serious about the Career?


This workshop is all about building your career from the scratch. You may be worried about the career and job, despite the enrollment in college for a professional degree. The reason is, you are not sure whether you get selected on campus or not and none of the colleges gives assurance for that. If you don't get placed on the campus, you have to struggle outside after your graduation. Either you try your luck in off-campus interviews or you pick some short-term courses in the hope of getting a job, but that doesn’t give surety too.  People like you stay confused due to lack of proper guidance. There are some programs in the market which gives you some guidance in the most trending careers or the field of your interest. But they only show you the path.

Career formula is a powerful system which guarantees you to build your career.

This workshop gives you a solid foundation, building blocks and right attitude to build a career. This workshop will not only give you the exact formula to build your career but also gives the tools to become a successful person in your career, regardless of the field you are interested in, your age, gender, religion or social status. Once you successfully incorporate the principle of the formula in your life, you need not to afraid or worry about income. 

It's not about ONLY getting the job, it about building your career of your interest/passion. 

Who should attend this workshop?

  1. College students who are serious about building the career in the field of their interest.
  2. People who already graduated from the college and struggling to build their career.

Regardless of your professional course.


This workshop is NOT the MAGIC PILL to get a job. If you are looking for a shortcut to get a job, then this workshop is NOT for YOU.


Breaking the Myth and Illusions

  • The misconceptions about Language
  • The myth of the education system
  • Life after college
  • Problem with the current generation
  • Why do you need to opt for an extra course or certification even though you have a professional degree?
  • The illusion of secure job
  • The illusion of dream job
  • Peer pressure
  • Professional paralysis.
  • Survival vs living life
  • Why is the job the only option?
  • Why most of the job sucks?
  • The truth about the job that nobody tells
  • There are jobs but no one wants to hire you, Why?

Character Building for Building Career

  • You cannot build a career if...
  • Why are sports important?
  • The game of freedom and its control
  • How to design your own freedom
  • The mindset to build a career
  • Mastering time
  • How to buy or steal time?
  • Professional thinking
  • Habit matters
  • The Right Attitude
  • The Ultimate Powerful Tool

Formula that works throughout your life, no matter what you do. 

Career Formula

  • How do people choose their career?
  • How do they know you are not worthy?
  • Is money everything?
  • Passion vs Interest vs Profession
  • Job vs Career
  • Understand the meaning of “GOOD JOB”
  • Finding the secure job
  • Career Options
  • The Career Pyramid
  • Building the thought process
  • When to start preparing for the career?
  • The Career Formula - 11 Steps to build a career
  • College dropout vs College graduate
  • There is no competition
  • Beggars vs Choosers
  • The concept of Financial Freedom
  • The concept of Financial Confidence
  • The concept of work freedom
  • The concept of work-life balance
  • Why you need a mentor?

Interview game

  • What do companies look for, in campus interview?
  • How do recruiter and HR search for candidates?
  • What do companies look for, in the off-campus interview?
  • Modern tools for the job hunt
  • How to control the interview?
  • Interview Tips
  • How to be get hired without the interview?
  • The importance of a elevator pitch.
  • How to create and grow your personal brand?

What will you learn at the end?

  • Clarity about your passion & interest.
  • Clarity of your career goals
  • Clarity about your career path
  • A Formula to build your career
  • A Formula to get the job of your interest
  • Learn to get financial freedom
  • You never need to worry about the money/job, regardless of market status.
  • A Formula to get hired without an interview.
  • The Modern method for job hunting
  • 6 Months Mentorship
  • Lifetime member of a special close group.

Past Event

Date of Event - 4 March 2018

City - Bangalore


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